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Top of the Class with St Francis Xavier

We’re shining our March igoo spotlight on local college, St. Francis Xavier. They first approached igoo in 2012 requiring a new website, which would provide full access to the current curriculum, pastoral care and information regarding their admissions policy.

Initially, the igoo team worked closely with both pupils and teachers from SFX through a series of focus groups, to ensure that the final product was both user friendly and accessible to all.

The website contains an intranet system, with a virtual learning environment for students and the site is regularly updated with current school news.

igoo provide on-going support and maintenance for St. Francis Xavier, including managing their newsletter mail-out system ‘Letters Home,’ which informs parents and pupils of any changes and developments within the school.

Bank Holiday Opening Hours

The igoo offices will be closed on both Friday and Monday across the Easter bank holiday weekend. Normal office hours will resume at 9am (sharp) on Tuesday. Enjoy the weekend!

Settle In with Rooms4u

We are very pleased to have just launched the redesigned website for award winning student landlords, Rooms4u. With a refreshed logo and improved search facility, the site continues to go from strength to strength.

Rooms4u first approached igoo in 2009, requiring a website which could display their impressive portfolio of properties and would be simple to manage. We developed a custom built property management system, which features an area selector tool for easier property searching.

One of their properties, ‘The Lodge’ is a spectacular 36 room renovation and can be viewed via an interactive floorplan, allowing students to pick the exact bedroom they would like and reserve it online.

We provide ongoing development, maintenance and support to Rooms4u, and the website continues to achieve impressive search page ranking results.

The New Website for Hoist and Winch Coming Soon

We’re currently developing the new website for Hoist and Winch, a local firm who are experts in all types of lifting and handling equipment.

The new site, which will be built on the Magento platform, will catalogue their full range of equipment and allow customers to either hire or purchase their products online, simply and easily.

The new Hoist and Winch site is due to go live in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned on the igoo blog for future updates on the project and for all igoo news.

One Down, Two to Go

We have some very happy news to announce this month – Jack’s wife Cath has given birth to a gorgeous little boy!

Baby George was born on Saturday 22nd March, weighing a healthy 8lbs 6oz and we’re all completely smitten with him already.

All are well (if a little tired!) and the igoo team can’t wait to meet little George when he pops into 74a sometime very soon!

Sage Pay Test Card Details

Before a Sagepay account can go live and take live card payment, test payments need to be made through Sage’s test environment

The general process is:

  1. Once you have your Sagepay passwords provided by Sage you need to login to the test admin
  2. When logging in for the first time use your vendor name as both the vendor and username and the initial admin password provided by Sage.
  3. First thing to do is create a new user. I use something like ‘admin’ or ‘sageadmin’.
  4. Now go and complete a test order with your ecommerce site.
  5. When you get to Sage you need to use the card details below to complete a test transaction.
  6. Once complete, return to the sagepay test admin and login again.
  7. Click to view transactions and you should see your test transcation.
  8. Click refund and it will ask you for your password again. Fill this in and you have now refunded the test payment.
  9. You can then phone Sagepay and ask for the account to be made live. They will check the refund has been complete and if verified you can then go live!

Sage Pay Test Card Details

Card Type

Card Number

Issue Number

Security Code (CV2)


4929 0000 0000 6



Visa Debit (Delta)

4462 0000 0000 0003



Visa Electron

4917 3000 0000 0008




5404 0000 0000 0001



MasterCard (Debit)

5573 4700 0000 0001



UK Maestro

5641 8200 0000 0005



International Maestro

3000 0000 0000 0000 04



American Express

3742 0000 0000 004



Japanese Credit Bureau (JCB)

3569 9900 0000 0009




3600 0000 0000 08




6304 9900 0000 0000 044



When using the cards above for testing purposes you will still need to enter an expiry date. An expiry date can be accepted as long as it is any date in the future.

Address Details

When using the test card details and processing a transaction you will be required to enter an address for the shopper.

We have assigned address details to each of the above cards that will be accepted on our test system.

When using the address details with the card details above the transactions will be able to processed successfully, along with passing both the simulated address and postcode fraud prevention checks.

Address : 88

Postcode : 412

3D Secure

If you have 3D Secure active on your account you will also be required to enter a password to complete the process.

The 3D Secure password we have created to be used is; password (case sensitive).

By using this password you will be able to complete the 3D Secure authentication on your account.

Raise Your Glass to Santa Chupitos

This month, we’re shining our igoo monthly spotlight on cocktail emporium, Santa Chupitos. Having cemented themselves as a must-visit bar in Liverpool city centre, Santa Chupitos and their mouthwatering array of drinks continue to go from strength to strength.

Their one page website, which was launched in 2012, turns your average night out into a much more exciting experience. The website creates a collage of photos direct from their Instagram feed, meaning snaps of your favourite cocktails and wild nights out are displayed right here, amidst all of the action.

With full drinks menus online, you can begin the difficult decision of which cocktails to choose for the night ahead, along with finding full information regarding hiring the venue and its bartenders for special occasions.

The website also links to an brochure site for their sister tequila bar, El Bandito, which is located below Santa Chupitos.

igoo Are Now Proud Google Partners

We’re delighted to announce that igoo are now official Google Partners. This means that we are certified experts when it comes to Google AdWords and getting the best results for your business. With exclusive access to Google training and product updates, we’re able to stay ahead of the curve and make sure our clients come out top.

igoo provide a full Pay-Per-Click set up and management service, enabling our clients to pay to advertise their products and services through Google and Google search partners. Ads are carefully tailored to your target market and appear above or alongside the natural search results.

With no minimum spend, you can choose to set your daily advertising budget to whatever amount you wish, and with no time constrictions involved, you are free to start, edit, pause or end advertising, whenever you please.

If you’re interested in exploring online marketing and Pay-Per-Click advertising for your business, please get in touch with Amy.

New Website for MerseySTEM Coming Soon

We are currently redesigning the website for long standing igoo client, MerseySTEM. The organisation aims to promote science, technology, engineering and maths in schools, business, the community and beyond.

Following their diversification into new markets, MerseySTEM require a fresh website that will be able to support their new aims and objectives.

The new website, which is due to launch in the next couple of weeks, will be focused around their events, resources and services for both schools and businesses.

igoo Baby Boom

An exciting baby boom has hit the igoo office, with Jack, Matt and Gav all expecting little ones soon!

We have put a hold on taking on any new clients until the summer months, but for all of our existing clients, it will be business as usual.

Stay tuned for updates of the three new arrivals in the next couple of months- we can hardly contain our excitement!

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