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Tomfoolery Pictures Get Their Close Up

This month, we’re shining our igoo spotlight on local video production company, Tomfoolery Pictures.

Tomfoolery first approached igoo last year requiring a website that would display their impressive portfolio and latest goings-on. The site now features customised backgrounds, which reflect the content on each page and a comprehensive video case study page.

Their integrated news section is regularly updated so you can keep up to date with new projects and bits from Tomfoolery HQ.

New Website For Sigma Science Coming Soon

We’re currently developing the new website for Sigma Science, whose aim is to transform the way primary school children are taught science.

The website will provide teachers with the resources to structure their lessons in a new way, with emphasis on experimentation and scientific enquiry. With a member login facility, schools can access purchased lesson plans from an updated library of resources.

The new site is set to launch in the near future so stay tuned on the igoo blog for future updates and for all igoo news.

Consortia Receive ‘Business of the Year’ Award

We’re delighted that igoo clients, Consortia have been awarded ‘Business of the Year’ at this year’s Echo Regional Business Awards!

Following the launch of their brand new website a few weeks ago, this is turning out to be a fantastic year for the company.

Head over to their website for more info on their big win here.

A New Look For Consortia Integrated Services

We’re very pleased to have launched the new Consortia IS website this month. As a facilities management company with a brilliant portfolio, they required a new website that would showcase their range of services and completed projects.

Consortia first approached igoo in 2009 requiring a strong brand and website to reflect their growing position within the industry. Now in version two, their new website boasts an improved range of features including detailed case studies, full service information and regular news articles.

If you would like to hear more about how we could transform your brand and website, get in touch with us today.

Settle In with Abode Estate Agents

This month, we’re shining our igoo spotlight on one of Liverpool’s fastest growing estate agents, the Abode Group. We launched their new website last year, which features improved custom-built search capabilities and a fully responsive mobile site has since followed.

igoo manage Abode’s social channels and produce two news articles for their website each month, which helps to increase traffic and improve search engine ranking. For more information on our social marketing services, please contact Camilla.

Protect Yourself From Malware Now

You may have heard about a recent malware scare, which could have potentially damaging implications in regards to your personal data.

We wanted to advise you on some steps you can take to protect yourself from this threat and to ensure you are not at risk in the future:

1. Ensure your system software is up-to-date.

2. Make sure you have internet security software installed on your machine and that it has recently been updated.

3. Treat email attachments with caution. If they have been sent from an unknown address, don’t click on any links or downloads included in the email unless you are absolutely sure they are safe.

4. Remain vigilant towards phishing emails and remember that services such as online banking or PayPal will never ask for you for any personal details.

5. Avoid storing passwords on your computer- especially for online banking and PayPal.

6. Make sure you have backups of important files just in case your security is compromised.

We can reassure you that your website will not be under threat from any virus software and that you can continue to use and access your site as normal.

Update To igoo Email Services

As some of you may be aware, we have experienced a fair amount of turbulence with our mail services lately. Having been let down by our previous sending provider, we have now switched to using the Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) to handle all of our outgoing mail.

With the every growing volume of unsolicited email (SPAM) being sent over the internet in recent years, service providers have been slowly increasing the aggressiveness of their sending policies in an attempt to curb the problem. For the most part, these tactics are working and SPAM emails now constitute just 63-64% of all email (a huge drop from a high of around 90% in 2010).

Once of the unpleasant, but ultimately unavoidable, side effects of our migration to Amazon SES is their incredibly strict ‘verified sender’ policy, which only allows emails to be forwarded on if the ‘from’ address of the email is verified in advance. As a result of this, we have unfortunately had to disable all email forwarding when the email has originated from an unknown source (one which we don’t manage).

This will dramatically improve the reputation of the server in the long-term and should improve deliverability rates across the board, but we understand that it represents an inconvenience for those of you who like to use 3rd party providers such as Yahoo or Gmail to manage your emails.

We will continue to explore alternatives and keep you updated as to any developments.

George Roberts Scaffolding Launches

We’re very pleased to announce that the new website for George Roberts Scaffolding is now live. As one of the world’s largest independent scaffolding suppliers, they needed a website that would reflect their global presence within the construction industry.

The new website has a range of improved features including an online shop, detailed case studies, regular videos and news articles.

If you would like to hear more about how we could transform your brand and website, get in touch with us today.

And Then There Were Three

Another lovely piece of news from the igoo offices this month; Gav has welcomed a new addition to the family with the arrival of gorgeous baby Francesca.

Francesca was born on Monday 12th May, weighing 6lb 1oz and both mum and baby are doing brilliantly.

With all of the spring igoo babies now here, we can’t wait for their little visits into the office!

New Website for Blankstone Sington Coming Soon

We’re currently developing the new website for investment managers and stockbrokers, Blankstone Sington. With a client login area and comprehensive guides on their range of services, it is the place to head if you’re in need of investment advice.

igoo have created the brand identity, along with the redesign and development of the website, which is due to go live within the next couple of months.

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